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What Does the Interior Detail Service Include?

In order to perform an interior elite detail package, we first start off by prepping your vehicle. That means that we will place any loose items in a 2U AUTO bag for you to organize in the future. We also throw away any trash you may have left inside the vehicle. Next, we remove your mats to be cleaned.

As we begin, we start by cleaning top down so that dust particles will fall lower and be cleaned. That means we start by cleaning any lights or plastic parts on the interior headliner of the car. We do not clean the upholstery of the headliner. Next, we will dust and wipe the dashboard, steering wheel area, vents, and middle console. We know that cupholders can require some extra elbow grease so we let them soak a bit. Once that is completed, we will wipe all the doors and all plastic or vinyl components on the interior.

Next, we vacuum the seats, floors, trunk and under the seats. If the vehicle has leather seats, we will clean them and apply leather conditioner to the seats. If the vehicle has cloth upholstery, we will wipe the surface of the seats. You have the option to choose the add on for carpet shampooing and seat upholstery shampooing. Finally, we clean the interior windows.

Once all components are clean, we will add an air freshener to your vehicle and put your mats back the way we found them.

We love to come show you our work so that you can see your shiny clean car!

Our service area:

Our office is currently located in downtown Wichita, Kansas. We are able to service Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas. We will travel to Goddard, Haysville, Derby, Bel Aire, Park City, Maize, Kechi, Park City, Valley Center, and other locations. We charge a small add on drive fee if you are located outside of Wichita, Kansas to cover our time and gas.

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