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Mission Statement

2U Auto specializes in providing convenient and quality mobile auto detailing in a quick and efficient manner at a competitive price. We take pride in ensuring our services are done through eco-friendly, sustainable practices with a focus on water sustainability.

We understand how busy our clients are and how important their time is. Our detailers work with our client’s schedules and travel anywhere in Wichita and the surrounding areas. They never have to worry about finding a time before or after work to fit in a detailing. We come to you anytime, anywhere.

Water conservation is a responsibility that we take seriously, especially being in the auto detailing industry. Contrary to a typical car wash, we manage to use just one gallon of water per service. This saves, on average, saves 35 gallons of water per cleaning. We accomplish this through cleaning the vehicles by hand and utilizing a highly effective waterless wash and wax solution. We continue to practice innovative measures to provide excellent service while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

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