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5 Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean

Many people are starting or finishing their Spring Cleaning activities, something that typically focuses on creating a comfortable and clean living or office space. However, a surprising amount of people may not routinely clean their car! Cars tend to collect a lot of unwanted material, which is only natural from how often we use them daily. Here are four reasons you should keep your car clean, even year-round: 1 - Safety

A clean car will help any driver be just a little safer on the road. Having clear windows removes any potential obstructions that may block visibility. Additionally, keeping your interior clear of anything that may block you from accessing your controls, such as empty cups or bags, ensures everything you need to drive will be in-reach when you need it.

2 - Protection

Cleaning your car on a frequent basis helps protect against build-up of material that may damage your exterior. Dirt, dust, or other material that may build up from the road could potentially stick to your car, which can lead to rust or other issues. Washing it regularly can combat this build-up and prevent this type of damage.

3 - Resale Value

If you think you may have plans to sell your car in the future, keeping your car in a better shape now can potentially raise the resale value by hundreds in the future. Having a dirty car means more work to restore the vehicle for the buyer, while having a clean car will raise the perceived value. 4 - Image Your car is an extension of you. How you maintain your car creates a personal image, and a clean car will help leave a positive impression for others to see! Anywhere you're going, be it work, hang-outs, or errands, a clean and presentable car will create a great image of yourself while helping you to feel more confident as-well.

5 - Health

A clean car is a comfortable car. Keeping your vehicle neat and tidy can help reduce stress on your drive, making driving a more enjoyable experience. This will help maintain a better environment for you within your car which can benefit your mental health and mood.

A still image of a man washing his tires.

Image Credit - @snowbird_hb on Unsplash

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