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A self disinfecting glove for your frequently touched surfaces

This EPA approved protective coating adheres to frequently touched surfaces and continuously kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and germs for up to 7 years. 

Dirty car facts

The average car is 17,000% dirtier than the average home. Although most people clean and disinfect their home regularly, they don't give their vehicle the same care.

You deserve to be proud of your car 100% of the time. Keep it safe and clean with our three step process.

1. Clean & Disinfect


Middle Console

Cup Holders

Steering Wheel


Side Panels

Floor Mats





2. Protective Shield

Adhere protective shield onto every surface of your vehicle, let it circulate through vents, and let it dry. Now your vehicle is protected for up to seven years with a seven year warranty.


3. Maintenance

In order for the protective coating to work best, your vehicle must remain clean and dust free. You can clean your vehicle yourself or join our monthly auto cleaning club (interior & car wash).

$49/month (optional)

*Make an appointment by choosing one of the interior services and then adding the antimicrobial shield as an add on. 

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